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    Faisal S

    Being busy with the giroc, I decided to test the girls in the area, the first call being to bianca. Scheduled in half an hour, I just finished my mission, I receive the location (Martyrs, opposite Banca Transilvania) and I go up.

    From behind the door appears the blonde, a beautiful girl, with rounder shapes, just like in the pictures, we meet, I ask for a shower, I receive a clean towel, unfortunately female shower gel, deodorant and mouthwash.

    Hygienized and ready, we enter the room, he asks me for a gift, 150 fine, he lays me on the bed, we both sanitize on our paws, as disinfectant gel is still fashionable, he also wipes his face and hammer with wet wipes (he seems obsessed with sanitation and control).

    He grabs on, wakes up the sergeant, puts on his cap, gives himself some drug lubricant and warns me not to put my mouth on the savarina, although if he lets me do some helicopters it was wet for 2 days.

    We try a lot, I propose fk, accept, neo give a little, after the exchange in the mother of the kid to admire her strength (she has a Brazilian ass, beautiful view) I pump about 2 minutes and finish.

    Refreshed in the shower and I was showered.

    Overall a pretty pleasant meeting, the girl is beautiful, tidy, hygienic, kind (I was served water at 0.5l) but it did not give me the opportunity to play at ease.

    It seems to me that it has a pattern and a rhythm that it imposes from the beginning of the meeting and it gives you the possibility to control it.

    Location 10

    Appearance 10 I like the kind of girls with shapes

    Hygiene 10

    On pretty ok without fireworks 10

    Np is narrow 10

    Gfe 10

    I recommend it for the record and appearance. I do not return due to the rhyme and draconian control displayed throughout the meeting.

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